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Discover the Universe of MINASE with the video.

MINASE is the name of an ancient village located in Yuzawa (Akita province), some 450 km north of Tokyo. MINASE is also a "boutique" watch factory established in 2005. The young brand is owned by Kyowa, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality tools (step drills) and luxury watch components founded in 1963.

MINASE timepieces are proudly made in Japan. They offer truly exceptional and authentic design with innovative technical approach and outstanding quality. 

MINASE, Japan's smallest watch manufacturer is recognised for its unmatched design. The brand is using superior craftsmanship techniques blended with manual finishing and expertise in the manufacturing process of its rare and unique products. Minase Timepieces sell less than 500 units yearly.

With a yearly production of less than 500 watches, MINASE clearly stands at opposite ends of mass production. The brand unveils another philosophy: Monozukuri stands for the time of tradition, the perfection of precise gestures and craftsmanship.