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With its bold design conceived of pure and simple drawn lines « Horizon » watches combine both the case and the bracelet (or the strap) on a single level. This harmonious fusion reminds of the horizon line when looking out at the open ocean. The sapphire glass has a non reflective coating and is spherical on both axises so that it brings out the contrast between the clear base and the polished satiny surface of the casing. The design of the watch unifies at the same time a sentiment of calm and of subtle tension reminding the observer of the hidden power of the calm sea.

The concave shaped sides of the case together with the subtle combination of polished and matt surfaces remind the viewer of a katana-blade. Like the famous swords they give the timepiece refinement, elegance and strength. Protected by a solid element screwed on the case body, the crown proudly portrays the brands logo and shimmers like a thousand fires on a clear night.

The watch perfectly embraces its strap or bracelet. The special design consisting of a curved casing make the watch smooth and comfortable to wear. Crafted with plenty of dedication and skill, this time-keeper is a companion for life. Incomparable and untamed , « Horizon » is a watch for the man who portrays a powerful appearance.