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The word divido stands for division in Esperanto. « Divido » case and lugs area-lit between a lower and an upper section which are both cut at an angle. The middle of the case body is therefore positioned towards the center. The profile strengthens the feeling of depth and allows the watch to sparkle in a broad variety of spectrums depending on the angle of observation.

With the help of the « Sallaz » technique the surface of several components is individually polished by hand so that each element stands out in contrast to the satin surface. The curved dial seems to float, suspended inside the case and the index ring is surrounded by a mysterious shadow.

The characteristically polyhedric crown proudly bears the brand logo portraying a drill-head that pays hommage to the origins of the company . The transition between mat and polished surfaces bestows an impression of of the light from a thousand glowing fires upon the piece

With its corners polished by « Sallaz » technique, its satin surfaces, its clear cut lines, the MORE bracelet and its unique « case in case » construction,  « Divido » is clearly the brand’s new icon and embodies the HiZ concept.